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We create meaningful experiences that go well beyond simple functionality. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your business and the best strategies for you. At the end of the day, our bottom line is to increase yours.

We Offer Pricing That's Affordable and Flexible

We have no long-term contracts and offer a wide range of flexible, tailored packages. Our clients always get the best bang for their buck.

You'll Always Get Consistent, Personalized Service

Our size means you'll hear from us on a consistent weekly basis! We'll work side by side with you to provide professional and custom solutions.

Our Bottom Line Is Simple - To Increase Yours

Our guarantee is to provide best-in-class website and creative design services with a proven ROI. We provide detailed updates and reporting so you can track your website's progress and real time growth.


Meet Our Creative Team!

We Are Detail-Oriented, Voraciously Curious and Hold Ourselves To Unrelentingly High Standards

Stephen | Managing Partner

After graduating summa cum laude with a Biology degree from Florida State University, Stephen attended Kansas City University Medical School for two years before deciding to pursue a career in technology and marketing. He started Sky Compass Media in 2017 after working on social media campaigns for a variety of well-known brands including Google Maps, Polar Pro, Condé Naste and various travel and tourism boards.

He also started the world's largest online community for traveling couples (Creative Travel Couples), which he sold in 2021 to TripScout, a venture-backed travel company whose mobile app creates personalized guidebooks to help travelers plan trips according to their unique taste. At the time, Creative Travel Couples had 28.7M+ monthly impressions and a 12.3M+ monthly unique reach.


Don't just make it. Make it happen.

Stephen Barna

Managing Partner


A good book is still my favorite place to get lost.

Devon Costantine

Creative Director

Devon | Creative Director

Devon graduated with a Creative Writing degree from Florida State University and worked in marketing before co-founding Sky Compass Media. She began consulting to help brands build their social media channels and web presence while also freelancing as writer. Now she specializes in using creative brand storytelling to capture lifelong customers.

Some of her areas of focus are: content creation, social media strategy, article and blog writing, web design, search engine optimization, creative brand storytelling and data-driven marketing.


Jon | Software Development Lead

Jon graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Florida State University and transitioned shortly after to Software Development based on his natural enthusiasm towards algorithmic problem-solving and eagerness to be a life-long learner. He believes that any complex problem can be broken down into manageable chunks and solved with due diligence.

As a full stack developer, he has a passion for exploring modern technologies including but not limited to Javascript, CSS, HTML5, React, Vue, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Firestore, Firebase, Heroku, MATLAB, Python and Dart.


It's crazy how the drive to make a successful project and the knowledge that you are the technical expert keeps you laser focused.

Jonathan Higger

Software Development Team Lead

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

We get it... As a business owner, you want bang for your buck. Let's grow your business together.