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Fun, Spontaneous and Creative Date Ideas

DativeApp is a relationship app for young adults to easily find creative date ideas. The vision is to help strengthen relationships through creative adventures and unique date nights. DativeApp makes dating your significant other fun, easy and truly exciting!


Technical Requirements

Uncovered in the brief: User authentication (email, Facebook, Apple login), photo upload, camera / storage / photo library and microphone access, keyword and filtering matching, plain favorites list, binary ratings for dates (active / inactive / completed), social media sharing, HTTPS communication with APIs, editing state of "Completed Dates," analytics and loading state of screens.


UI/UX Design + Branding

Figma was used to design, prototype, and gather feedback from users. We started off by creating the app architecture including the screen layout and navigation. The goal was to consider all key elements of the app and define their relationship to each other. After the site structure was defined, we created high fidelity wireframes and mockups of each screen using branded colors, fonts, and images to help visualize how the app looks before the development process. We designed the logo in Adobe Illustrator.


Technology Specifications

The technology was carefully chosen to complete the project on budget and in a timely manner. The UI was built in React Native utilizing: Context API, React Navigation, Firebase Authentication and Token Authorization. The backend was built in NestJS utilizing: Typescript, Jest Testing, Firebase Admin, Postgres, TypeORM and Rest Convention. The backend was dockerized to simplify dev environments and Firebase authentication was integrated into a front and back workflow. Reusable custom components were programmed to match UI features including drawers, photo pickers, custom filters, and carousels.


Content Creation and Photography

Each date is comprised of multiple parts that includes copywriting and still images. The text was anchored to help any couple mix up their date nights, deepen their connections and make planning their weekend easier. The MVP contained 20 dates and we created content, summary descriptions and photography to showcase the dates and bring the ideas to life.


Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy

We developed a simple pre-launch marketing strategy in order to build buzz around DativeApp. We created "Feature Accounts" on Instagram and TikTok to increase brand awareness across social media channels. We then utilized influencer marketing by collaborating with social media influencers to be beta-testers and using that social proof in order to connect with potential users.


Additional Case Studies

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Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

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