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Voted As Tampa Bay’s Best Dining Experience

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Website Deliverables

Uncovered in the brief: Website design and content creation, copywriting, domain and hosting setup, full mobile optimization, custom branded menu, take-out ordering integration, gift card and payment options (Square), online reservations integration (Yelp), search engine optimization for Google rankings, business/ product photography and analytics (Google Webmaster).


Website UI/UX Design and Development

The technology to build out the site was then carefully chosen to complete the project on budget and in a timely manner. WordPress was used as the content management system with custom HTML/CSS and JS coding for specific components, such as linking Yelp reservations directly to the site or pulling PDF menus from Singleplatform using RESTful web services and Django. Every update to our CMS triggers a build process that automatically generates static HTML pages and deploys them to our CDN.


Content Creation and Photography

We set out to create content that would showcase OLIVIA's ability to deliver all the authentic flavors of traditional Italian dining with the creative flair of a chef inspired menu. Our photography, video work and 3D animations were used across the website, social media and pre-launch marketing campaigns. This project is about celebrating and owning OLIVIA's future as the singular, and premier Italian dining experience in Florida: a restaurant and a brand for patrons to truly experience Italy.


OLIVIA Tampa Results

Since launch, the site has received exclusive positive feedback and recognition. Google statistics show that they receive 152% more website traffic than similar businesses. Sky Compass Media's E-commerce integration has allowed OLIVIA to generate $30,000/year in gift card purchases. OLIVIA's grand opening blew past expectations with their entire first week booked out in less than an hour. In the past year, our social media marketing has reached over 500,000 people in Tampa, St. Pete and surrounding areas of Florida. You can view more opening week results and 2020 - 2021 results below.


First Day Reservations:

653 reservation clicks | First week fully booked in less than an hour

Google Business Listing:

22 - 5 star reviews | 23,000 searches | 5,000+ website views | 947 calls

Influencer Marketing:

39,826 unique reach | 4,779 post engagement | 5 star Yelp elite reviews

Instagram Marketing:

50,581 impressions | 15,662 unique reach | 4,557 profile visits | 1,578 followers gained | 912 website clicks | No paid ads, all organic

Facebook Marketing:

22,810 people reached (in one week) | 2,897 post engagement | 52 recommendations | No paid ads, all organic

2020 - 2021 RESULTS

Website Performance:

110,000 website clicks | 726,000 unique impressions | 15.3% CTR

Google Business Listing:

3.724 million unique reach | 27,520 calls | 504 Google reviews (4.6/5 rating)

Page Specific Insights:

640,400 menu impressions | 281,300 reservation impressions (22,800 clicks)

Instagram Marketing:

367,000 accounts reached | 487,000 post impressions | 13,200 followers gained | 108,000 content interactions | No paid ads, all organic

Facebook Marketing:

141,000 people reached | 112,128 post engagement | 148 recommendations (4.9/5 stars) | 4,419 followers | No paid ads, all organic

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

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