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Commercial Real Estate Management Software

SPMultifamilyGroup.com is a listing management software for a commercial real estate client. The software was built to capture customer's contact information, allow users to sign and receive confidential discolsure agreements and access property data.


Technology Specifications

The goal of the project was to provide the client a scalable, yet cost-effective MLS solution.

Blitz.js - Full Stack React Framework

Blitz is built on Next.js and features a "Zero-API" data layer abstraction that eliminates the need for REST/GraphQL. We chose Blitz for speed, direct database access, middleware, and built-in authentication.

PostgreSQL and Prisma for Database and ORM

Prisma is a strongly typed database client. We chose this ORM due to its configurtion with Blitz.js and the level of abstrraction it provides. PostgreSQL was chosen as the Database for its reliability, feature robustness and performance.

Tailwind CSS for Front-End UI Development

Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework and unlike Bootstrap, does not provide automatically prestyled components. The Tailwind library was chosen for it's ease of customization, design adaptation, clean UI and small build size.

Figma + Miro for Wireframes, Prototypes and Flows

We used Figma to create UI designs, rough wireframes and MVP prototypes of the website. Miro was used for user flows, mapping and customer journeys. Both collaboration tools were chosen for their powerful features and ease of use.


Development Features

User authentication so users can create an account and return to the website without the need to refill out the contact information form. Photo / file upload so users who have signed the CA can access and download documents and files for each unique property. Database to store users contact information and allow anyone with admin access to download the required fields (first/last name, company name/phone number, etc.) and ability to export into a .CSV file. Email notification integration to allow a user to receive a signed copy of the CA. Also, brokers will receive an email when a new CA is signed.


SP Multifamily Group Results

During the first week of launch, SP Multifamily Group listed two commercial properties located in Tallahassee and Gainsville, Florida. The combined listing price value exceeded over 1 million dollars. Within one day, SP Multifamily Group was able to capture over 336 leads of potential investors and/or brokers. Since launch, the site has received exclusive positive feedback.


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High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

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