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OLIVIA Tampa is a modern Italian restaurant in Tampa, FL led by renowned Chef Chris Ponte. The concept behind the OLIVIA was to create a unique atmosphere of casual sophistication


A Social Media App Built for iOS

A Social Media App Built for iOS and Android, Helping Users Easily Find Creative Date Ideas


DativeApp is a relationship app for young adults to easily find creative date ideas. The vision was to strengthen relationships through creative adventures and unique date nights.

We built the UI in React Native and the backend in NestJS: Typescript, Jest, Firebase, Postgres, TypeORM and Rest Convention. We designed the DativeApp logo, branding materials and social media marketing strategies.

A Full Stack React App, Scalable MLS Software Solution

Full-Stack React Framework Web App. A Scalable, Cost-Effective MLS Solution.

SPMultifamilyGroup.com is a listing management software for a commercial real estate client. The software was built to capture customer's contact information, allow users to sign and receive confidential discolsure agreements and access property data. We built the software using Blitz.js for speed, database access, middleware, and authentication.


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High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

Websites | SEO | Video | Photo | Social Media | Paid Ads | Broadcasting

High-Quality, Affordable and Professional Services

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